Jared Eigerman

"Jared Eigerman has earned a reputation as a top specialist on land use throughout the course of his career."

Jared Eigerman has worked in this field for more than 25 years and knows a lot about how to use land. He has master's degrees in both law and city planning and has worked both in private practice and for the city government. He has licenses to work in both California and Massachusetts, but since he lives in Greater Boston, most of his projects are in that area.

Eigerman is good at doing research on zoning and permits, coming up with and putting into action plans for getting permits, reaching out to the community, giving talks to legislative and administrative bodies, writing zoning and other ordinances, and giving detailed opinions for financing.

Eigerman's goal is the same whether he's working on a small project or a large, phased development: to help his clients reach their goals as quickly as possible while navigating the complicated world of land use policies and regulations.